Webinar - Building Evidence through Mutually Beneficial Collaborations Cover

Webinar - Building Evidence through Mutually Beneficial Collaborations

By National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges

Published: June 1, 2015
Resource Type: Webinars
Presenter: Etiony Aldarondo | Mariann Kenville-Moore

Partnerships between researchers and practitioners are often mutually beneficial. These partnerships provide researchers with a unique opportunity to work in applied settings to enhance the understanding of issues and practices in the domestic violence field. In turn, researchers and research institutions are valuable resources for practitioners and domestic violence organizations seeking assistance and guidance in research and evaluation efforts. This webinar will provide an overview and basic guide for practitioners and domestic violence organizations interested in building partnerships with researchers and research institutions. Participants will learn more about where to begin and the key steps in building researcher/practitioner partnerships, and how to address important considerations such as client confidentiality and information sharing. In addition to providing background information and frameworks for partnering with researchers and research institutions, this webinar also will describe the efforts of the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence in building successful research partnerships and the outcomes of these efforts. Participants will not only learn how building practitioner/research partnerships can benefit their organization, but also how these partnerships can help inform and advance the domestic violence field in general.


Resource Center on Domestic Violence: Child Protection and Custody.


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