RCDV:CPC Webinars

In recent years, the RCDV: CPC staff have hosted webinars devoted to evidence-based practices. View some of our recorded webinars below. To find upcoming webinars, view our Events Page.

Collecting the data, making sense of it, and applying it to make improvements to practice requires skills, commitment, time and resource investment, and often a culture change.  For many, it also means adopting and embracing new technology.  In this webinar, Real Life Examples of Collecting Practice-Based Evidence in Family Legal Services, learn about one legal services agency’s journey into data and then hear some tips from an expert in technology adaptation on how to make the shift to an organizational culture that values data.

Learn more about how stakeholders are sharing information by viewing our webinar, Emerging Practices in Information Sharing between Child Welfare Agencies and Domestic Violence Advocates

Learn more about using evidence to inform and document your organization’s current work by viewing our webinar, Evidence-Based Practice 101: Understanding and Using Evidence to Inform the Domestic Violence Field.

Learn more about how and why it is important to build partnerships with local researchers and practitioners by
viewing our webinar, Building Evidence through
Mutually Beneficial Collaborations

Learn more about how data on domestic violence, child protection, and custody has been collected and used by domestic violence organizations by viewing our webinar, Using Data in Domestic Violence Work.

Learn more about promising practices when establishing concurrent child support and parenting time orders from
our colleagues at the Texas Council on Family Violence
by viewing our webinar, Addressing Parenting Time in
Child Support Orders: A Discussion of Relevant
Research and Promising Practices


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