RCDV:CPC Research on Domestic Violence Issues

In addition to building capacity among domestic violence organizations on evaluation, the RCDV:CPC staff is committed to advancing research in the field of domestic violence, child protection, and custody. Below you can find a few examples of the research work completed by RCDV:CPC staff.

Decision-Making in Custody Cases Involving Domestic Violence: A Review of the Literature (2015)

This publication summarizes several research studies focused on decision-making in custody cases involving domestic violence. The author highlights how a variety of factors (including individual characteristics) may influence the decision-making of three decision-making professionals: (a) judicial officers, (b) custody evaluators, and (c) mediators. Some of the factors discussed include the type and nature of alleged abuse, evidence of abuse, and state statutes, as well as knowledge, beliefs, experiences, and gender of the decision-making professionals. Although gaps in the literature were identified, this literature review provides a foundation for understanding what is currently known about the decision-making process in such cases.

Reasonable Efforts in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases that Involve Domestic Violence (2014)

Reasonable Efforts Publication Cover Page This technical assistance bulletin (TAB) summarizes an exploratory study conducted to understand better how dependency cases are treated compared to dependency cases with no indications of domestic violence. The authors conducted case file reviews in three jurisdictions. Although the report identifies some positive changes occurring in these jurisdictions, the authors note that about 33% of cases failed to hold batterers accountable. The authors offer best practice recommendations for dependency cases involving domestic violence, including screening for domestic violence throughout the life of the case, providing ongoing training for staff on co-occurrence issues, engaging family members in decision-making and support of the non-abusive parent, holding batterers accountable, and using reasonable effort findings to hold agencies accountable.

 Below are some useful resources related to dependency cases involving domestic violence.

  •  For a copy of the Reasonable Efforts Checklist for Dependency Cases Involving Domestic  Violenceclick here.
  •  For a copy of the Checklist to Promote Perpetrator Accountability in Dependency Cases Involving  Domestic  Violence, click here.


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