National LGBTQ DV Capacity Building Learning Center

The newly established National LGBTQ DV Capacity Building Learning Center (Learning Center) is a partnership of the Northwest network of Bi, Trans, Lesbian & Gay Survivors of Abuse and the national Coalition of Anti-Violence projects. Significant change regarding a health or safety issue (such as domestic violence) in populations facing social inequity (such as LGBTQ people) "requires context specific strategies tackling both structural and intermediate determinants." The World Health Organization identified "three key strategic directions for policy work to tackle social determinants, with particular emphasis on tackling health inequities: (1) the need for strategies to address context; (2) intersectoral (across sectors) action; and (3) social participation and empowerment."1 The philosophy and core strategies of the Learning Center are rooted in this three-pronged approach.

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1 Solar O. & Irwin A., World Health Organization, A Conceptual Framework for Action on the Social Determinants of Health: Social Determinants of Health Discussion Paper 2 8 (2010).


Resource Center on Domestic Violence: Child Protection and Custody.


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